Expat: Day 3

SHI: 2/day.

After only 3 days of being away, my iPhone has consumed 25MB of data. Doesn't seem like all that much until you factor in that my plan covers 100M of data while overseas, and then a $5.25 cost after that. Naturally, it would make sense to get a local plan and get data at a cheaper rate. Thanks to Apple in their infinite wisdom, I cannot SIM-swap, so I'm hosed until a jailbreak comes out for my phone. Certainly obnoxious, to say the least.

I can now report that I understand how people in cities are typically more fit - it's because they walk everywhere. On one hand, I am enjoying the daily commute of 4 blocks to and from work. This afternoon was a bit of a challenge. It rained, as it has a tendency to do in Manila, and I found out that my shoes have absolutely no grip. I slid around Manila like it was an ice rink, and landed on my butt at least once.

I'm now on the end of my second day of the Knowledge Workers stretching program. I hurt, just from freaking stretching. I've been working out fairly consistency for the last few months, but simple stretching has been kicking my butt. I hope this pays off.

In other news, 6 hours of sleep tonight. Felt really good until around 3PM, where I just about fell asleep at work. Instead of roughing it out, I made an executive decision, left to home early, and took a two hour nap. If I didn't have to wake up to do more work, I would have easily forced myself to sleep for 12 hours. God knows I feel like I could sleep that long.

Looking forward to tomorrow a bit, I must admit. I'm going condo searching tomorrow. Four hours in the afternoon, four different condos. I'll take some pictures and video and post them.

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