Day 9: Getting someone's attention

I'm so very disoriented. My internal concept of time is off-balance. Currently, my day consists of waking up at the end of my typical day (5AM or so would be 4PM CST). I'm answering emails and catching people at the end of my day and filtering through the 100+ emails I get in the 7 hour period I sleep. I then take a shower, grab a bite to eat, and then head into the office. My day in the office then consists of work... any emails that I couldn't attend to in the first 1.5 hours of my day I'll address here. Take care of any admin work, and then get to work with my transition activities. This goes until Lunch, eat, and continue until day over. (5PM or so). Head home, grab a bite to eat, take another shower, and attempt to relax a bit before more meetings (starting usually around 7:30-8:00PM until 10PM. Then sleep, and start over again. With the exception of the first weekend (which I worked, slept, and walked around town), I'm in a perpetual state of work.

This perpetual state has left me not really understanding how much time has elapsed since I left the US. I told my wife this morning that it felt like I had been gone a month, when in fact I haven't even hit double digits yet. Things that feel like I was told a few days ago really was only a few hours ago. The people who I spend most of my time with are living their lives while I'm sleeping, and vice-versa. It's a feeling I can't quite describe yet. I'm going to figure out how to name it.

Today I learned how to get someone's attention in the Philippines. It's actually rather easy. First, start with your lips like you're going to give someone a big kiss. Second, suck in. It's like a reverse kiss.

This method is used for everything! Guards use it to get your attention. Drivers use it to call attention to pedestrians (this is in supplement to their horn, of course). You use it when you want to get off of a Jeepney, bus, taxi, etc. It's a very versatile mechanism.

Eventually, I'll get my website actually in working order. I know that I threw this site up really quickly as a way for me to tell my wife how my day is going and what is going on, but my inner geek cringes every time I see the site layout, the theme, etc. It'll probably take me a few weeks, but I'll get to it. I just have to.

Finally, it looks like the folks at the office have posted a large fathead of me at the office.