Day 10: Perspective

Woo Hoo! Double digits! 10 days down, only ... wait. 170 days left to go.

First off, fish eyeball is not appeasing. Not in the least bit. I highly do not recommend it. However, in typical "mmm, it's delicious, really... it is" fashion, I was told that the eyeball was in fact the best part of the entire fish! As such, the cherished guest, I should partake of said eyeball. Did I get it on video - why even ask?!

I've eaten some pretty bad things in my day, but this was pretty horrible. First off, the eyeball itself was just oddly textured. I felt the lens in my mouth, and chewing on it was like chewing on the plastic ring underneath a sealed bottle of water. (Don't tell me you never chewed on that -I know you did). Secondly, the meat around the eyeball (socket) was like gelly, and had zero taste. Finally, the round white ball (which I'm not sure what that is) was like chewing on a jawbreaker. In all, I would have to rank it as such:

  1. Taste: 2/10
  2. Texture: 1/10
  3. Nutritional Value: 7/10

Overall: sucks. When asked, just say no to fish eyeball.

I'm being personally challenged just about every minute while I'm here. Perspective is one of those areas that I'm being humbled pretty heavily. While talking with some of my new hires, they tell me stories of their country, and they're not all peachy. It's tough to hear stories of sex trade, of poverty, and of hunger. It's very real out here, and I'm living in a small sheltered bubble less than 10km away from it. It's the same thing in the US, my blinders are just easier to keep on. It's difficult to shy away from the dichotomy that exists here in Manila.

Secondly, I'm being challenged by staff that are heading out. I'm humbled at the stride that most of my team that is being affected by the move to the Philippines. My team member that is out here helping with that transition is going to be affected in less than 6 weeks, yet he is out here helping out with a smile. He shared with me that everything is a matter of perspective - he's been in worse situations where he's been homeless on more than one occasion because of ethnic persecution. This is nothing compared to that for him, as he shared. This gentleman made a very astute observation - in America, we tend to find and pick out the very small things, and blow them up into really big things. Why? Because we don't have anything else to complain about. We have comfortable houses, we have plenty of food, and we have clothes. We're not being tortured daily, we're not being attacked daily, we're not homeless, and we're well off even in down times. This is not to offset any of the troubles and tribulations that many people are going through today - there are people that have real problems in this world, and in the US. However, it's important to really understand what we have, and what situation we could be in.

Suffice it to say, I feel very guilty now for leaving any type of food on my plate during a meal. It's just a different perspective.

Lots of questions related to my choice of living arrangements. I've chosen the second apartment (the one with the flowers). It is easily the only one that felt like a home, in my opinion. Working on the lease information, and a move in date is ETA.

Finally, a public service announcement. I'd like to clarify the purpose of this blog. In essence, it is for me to document my travels for posterity. Secondly, it is a primary mechanism of communication with my wife, as our schedules to not tend to constant communication with a 13 hour time difference. Third, it is a primary communication with my immediate family (mother, father, brothers, sister). If you are not in this category, I am glad that you're here. You've help boost my Google Analytic data +2600% in the last 10 days. It's amazing. You're certainly welcome, invite your friends. However, if you happen to be stumbling upon this site and I personally know you, and you get offended that I didn't personally invite you to this website... I'm going to have to politely ask you to get over it. I initially didn't invite anyone except the people listed above. Again, glad you're here, but know that I didn't invite you because you are not my target audience.