Day 32: Sick

For some reason, whenever I get into the groove on the Get Healthy bandwagon, I seem to get ill and it sets me back. This week is no exception.

Thursday I was feeling great. My sushi diet was going well (I really like Sushi, btw), I had been working out pretty consistently for the last two weeks (running, free weights, machine, etc), and even got some bowling in! Hot Dog! Then Friday hit like a bag of rocks. Lots of sneezing, congestion, a bit of gagging, fever, coughing. I'm now stuck in my hotel room just wishing I could crawl into a little ball and sleep all day.

So I did.

The highlight of my day yesterday consisted of me cleaning out my fridge a bit. See, I have these two garbage cans in my kitchen. One of these cans is Green and is labeled Biodegradable. The next can is blue, and is labeled Non-Biodegradable. I had some Spam left over, and it was sitting out since I do not have some tupperware. I figured it was bad, and went to throw it away. But which can to throw it in?

I couldn't decide, so I put half in each can. Crazy, right?

I thought I might wake up today feeling okay, but instead I'm even worse than yesterday. My plan for today - eat soupy substances, rest. See the doctor tomorrow if I'm not doing better.

I will say that it's hard to slow down. I've been going at 150% since I got here, if only to keep my mind on the fact that my wife isn't here. I sure do miss her. It's hard to be halfway across the world, sick, not busy, and alone. Hopefully I'll be better tomorrow and can keep myself busy as to not have to think about my situation too much... but it very well might be a long weekend.