Day 33: Gourmet

I really appreciate the notes that I received hoping I would get better. I woke up today this morning feeling worse than the two prior days. However unfortunate this may be, it sets the stage for a story!

My body decided that it didn't feel like waking up until about 11:30AM. That's about 12 hours of sleep two days in a row. Coughing, headache, etc - same symptoms. One of my colleagues sends me an email and asks if I need to go to the doctor. My first impulse is that it's just a cold, and it'll pass. Don't worry about it. However, it would be just my luck that I wouldn't go to the doctor and end up with an exotic disease. Better safe than sorry... Dengue fever is not the disease I want to collect. Reply to the email with a one word answer... yes. I'm exhausted, sneezing, wheezing, tired. I hate doctors typically, but I know I should go.

My colleague shows up about 30 minutes later, and we head down to the local hospital. We walk in, and I'm quickly shuffled to a 'triage' area. They take my name, ask me some vitals, and ask me some questions. It was very much like an EMT assessing a scenario. I was bagged and tagged and told to go inside (quite literally - I had an orange tag on my wrist in about 10 seconds). Next station - assessment.

Take down my information, ask me where I live. Well, nowhere, really... so have my work address. Also, have my work phone while you are at it. Next question - what is your religion? Well, not that I have a problem answering this question, but I'm curious. On the list of Christian belief includes:

  • Protestant
  • Born-Again
  • Catholic

I'm trying to find out what the difference between Born-Again and Protestant is. I'm also trying to determine what would happen if I said I was agnostic or atheist? I'm really toying with this idea, when I glance up and see a 4 foot wooden Jesus hanging on a Cross right behind this woman. Better not take any chances. Total time at this station: 5 minutes. Next station.

Now, I'm in front of a doctor. She asks me again what is going on with me, looks at my throat and eyes, takes my temperature. Then she starts going through a bunch of paperwork, and starts writing me a prescription. This is about 2 minutes in. I'm amazed that I have a diagnosis and I'm being discharged as fast as I am. Diagnosis: Upper Respiratory Tract Infection. 3 prescriptions for drugs, and I'm out. Total time in the hospital: About 10 minutes.

Head to the waiting area to pay: this takes about another 10 minutes. However, during this process I realize that my name has been transformed from James Fryman to James Trayman. Fryman/Trayman, whatever. Head up to pay: PHP1050 (right at $25 bucks). Total time: 25 minutes. I kinda felt like I had just been through a meat grinder given how fast I went through the hospital, but I went, I didn't have something bad - no point in hanging out. For this, I was grateful.

Heading home, I was absolutely craving Pizza. I've had some of the local pizza shops (Yellow Cab and another name I cannot recall). I decided that I would go to the Pizza Hut right down the way from my apartment. I walked in and was absolutely befuddled by the store.

In the Philippines: Pizza Hut is marketed as a gourmet Italian eatery.

In my mind, this is akin to turning White Castle into a speciality shop. Sure enough, the menu had specialized items in it - different types of noodle dishes that I haven't seen before, pizzas that were marked as gourmet, and a wine list. A wine list, at... Pizza Hut. On top of this, the eatery itself had candles at each table. Yes, that's right - Ambiance - at Pizza Hut.

Mind = Blown

How about the pizza? It's the same. No amount of facade is going to change the quality of the pizza, but it certainly makes the experience a little better (I guess).

Rest of the day turns out to be the same - sit in the hotel room and try to get better. I had some time to work on setting up a Google Voice account - almost ready to socialize, but I can now get phone calls wherever I am in the world right now. One local number to ring my work phone, a skype phone, my US cell phone, and my Asia cell phone. I'll publish once I get this squared away.

Now maybe if I try hard enough, I can make some improvements to my website today.