Day 37: Broken

Yes, I am broken. Certainly broken in the head (this is a long term problem), but I'm starting to fall apart. This is particularly surprising to me, as I am still a young lad. One of my coworkers here tells me it's because I'm fat. Good to know, right?

Earlier this week on Monday, I was walking home from work, traversing a set of stairs. While going down a set of stairs, I felt something in my foot. Something off. I remember saying orally something akin to 'ouch' or 'wowzer' - the kind of thing you would say if you bumped into a table. Nothing major - just something other than the status quo.

This brings us to Tuesday - I wake up and my foot hurts. The arch of my foot - both the bottom and top sides. General dull pain with sharp pain when I walk on it. That sucks, because now I'm limping around the town/office. Certainly, I'm being asked what happened to me and I'm trying to recall what on earth did happen that would cause this to happen. The only thing I can recall is the incident on the step, but surely this isn't the cause.

Wednesday is even worse! Pain has amplified, and I'm now contemplating going to the doctor. Of course, I hate the doctor, so I tell myself that I'll go only if it is worse the next day. My limping becomes more pronounced, and I am the target of several jokes for the rest of the day - the best of which was 'Young Frankenstein'. I spent the evening massaging my foot, stretching my foot, bending my foot - all the while thinking that the pain was muscle related.

This morning - woke up and my foot feels okay today. Not great, but nowhere near the previous day's level. Great! No Doctor! No more limping! I can put most of my body weight on my foot without it hurting that bad. I can walk really slowly on both feet and not limp at all. Progress! I continue to stretch my foot out throughout the day in order to nurse  it back to health. Then, around 5PM, I was walking on my foot and took arguably my first full weight step on my foot. I felt a snap in the arch of my foot and my toe.

And then pain. Lots of it.

I hobbled back to my seat, almost collapsing from pain in the progress. My team asked me what the matter was, and I explained the situation, and that my next course of action was to go to the doctor. This was bad... it hurt.

I was then dropped off at the doctor. Same factory line as described a few days ago. Took about 20 minutes for the doctor to come in, and then we ran into a hiccup - the primary doctor didn't know what the problem was, and had to escalate to the senior doctor on staff. Another review 40 minutes later, and then I'm presented with a few options.

  • Plantar fasciitis - This is not likely, but possible. If I’m not feeling better by Sunday, then I need to see an orthopedic doctor, because it probably is...
  • Torn Ligament – the popping sound that I had lines up with this.

Sweet! Torn Ligament -  This is much better than the initial suggestion from the first doctor that I might have Gout. Cause who gets Gout nowadays?!

My instructions - stay off of my foot, keep it elevated, take some relatively heavy drugs for the pain, and best of luck!

Step 1: Get drugs. Done. Step 2: Stay off foot. Can’t find crutches for my size (max is for 5’10”)... So I have a cane. It's pimp. It's also a preview for me of how I'll move around as an old man. Imagine a mid-20's tall American walking slowly around Downtown Manila - and you have me.

In other news, the US has issued a terror alert for overseas travellers in Philippines. Typically, these alerts say something like... "Stay out of the South of the Philippines". This is the area known as Mindanao, which has largely a Muslim population. (because Terrorist = Muslim, right? </sarcasm>). However, today's alert says stay out of tourist areas in Metro Manila.

The United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have warned of a heightened risk of terrorist attacks in the Philippines that could include airports and shopping malls in Metro Manila, but Filipino security officials downplayed the alerts. --

Wait. I'm an American; I'm in a touristy area; I am now disabled and cannot run.

Suffice it to say - I'm done with this week. Just done.