Day 42: Homeward

Today was a tough day. Working through the transition has been challenging, to say the least. This is now the third 16 hour day I have had this week. I'm tired.

However the tough part isn't the day itself or the things that happened - it's the fact that I will be leaving home in 36 hours.

I'm anxious. Anxious to be home- to sleep in my own bed, to see my wife, and to eat a burger (not necessarily in that order). However, I'm dreading the flight. Today I had a difficult time as thoughts of home were on my mind. I haven't let myself really dwell that I've been halfway across the world and not at home for the last 7 weeks. But it all kinda hit me today as I was packing up my stuff.

Good news is that I will be home soon, so I won't be homesick for long.