Day 43: Chapter 2

Thus endeth the chapter.

My car leaving to the airport leaves in 2.5 hours - I've absolved myself to simply stay awake until then, as sleeping will do nothing but make me even more groggy. Pro tip learned from last time - refrain from drinking a full bottle of wine before an International Flight (even if it's provided by the hotel that you're in). Turns out a hangover and 30+ hours of travel do not bode well together.

In retrospect, I am actually a bit sad to go. I know I'm coming back and all, so I'm not too terribly torn up about it. I'm super excited to see my wife though (and my family, and my friends... but yes - mostly my wife).

List of things I will miss

  • Concrete forest - I must say that I much enjoy the city dwelling than the country dwelling.
  • Walking - It is difficult to walk anywhere in Nashville. Maybe I might enjoy the town a little more if I could walk places. Right now, everything is a 30 minute drive away.
  • Food - I will absolutely miss the wonderful food that is here.
  • Service - People tell me that service in the US is top notch. I've come to realize that it's piss poor at best. People here are happy to help, and they show it. Service here is awesome. Let's face it - I haven't even really taken advantage of the Philippines yet!
  • Fruit - yes, I've commented on that already.
  • Cheap everything! - Yes, I must admit I enjoy the purchasing power I have here for just about everything. Cheap massages, cheap food, cheap clothing, cheap everything. It's really cool.
  • The attitudes of people. I really enjoy that everyone has a great outlook on life (generally). I am continually discouraged by people I know and even people I do not know in the US. Again, things aren't all roses, but the attitude is much better here.
  • Fantastic street signs. I mean, who can beat this sign?

Things I will not miss at all:

  • Traffic. It is horrid, at best, here.
  • Cell phone reception. It is horrid, at best, here.
  • Internet Speed. It is horrid, at best, here.
  • 15-18 hour long working days. It is horrid, at best, here. (I'm sensing a pattern)
  • Always feeling incapable of doing things. I get a lot of help from a lot of people while I'm here. I don't like feeling like the dumb tourist. Alas, I am.
  • Not being able to speak the language. I know people speak English and all, but I was told twice *just today* that I should learn Tagalog just to ensure that people around me aren't talking about me. Bleg!
  • Not having my wife around.

Aside from the last point, there's really not that much that I don't like about the Philippines. The things that I don't like are mostly silly creature comforts that I've somewhat gotten used to. I'd consider moving here for a short period of time. I'm not sure if I would settle here, but it's been enjoyable overall.

Now, I'm considering keeping this thing going while I'm in the US. I think somewhat that even though I've been gone for only 43 days, I'm liable to have some sort of culture shock going back home. Somewhere in there there is a good story to tell. Either way, I'll  be landing back in the Philippines fresh for the month of December.