For a while....

Lots of fun stuff happening recently - but not enough time to sit down and catalog. I'm going to do my best to go over some of it, but I'm sure a lot of the little details will be lost in time. If only we had that DeLorean!

One more recent observation I've made is the concept of time here in the Philippines. This should not be a foreign concept to me, given I grew up on one of the most lackadaisical islands in the Pacific Ocean - Guam. However, it still catches me off guard from time to time. We're working on establishing a culture at my company in the Philippines that drives toward punctuality. This is somewhat working - with meetings being scheduled, but canceled 3-5 minutes after they are supposed to start. Given that I have lived my life via my calendar for at least the last four years, this is tough. Nonetheless, this alone is better than where we started.

The phrase "For a while...." is a loaded phrase that I have come to love.  In keeping with the lack of awareness of time, this phrase has no meaning. It could mean a period of a few seconds, all to a period of several minutes or hours. It's a general catch-all phrase. The sentience itself has a odd rhythm to it when said, and is always abruptly said as someone is running off. I stopped counting the number of times I would be at a store or a restaurant or somewhere and I heard this phrase, only to know that I'd be waiting for quite some time.

I've been trying to figure out how on earth this could happen... why do the people I interact with not have a clear sense of time. The other day, I figured it out. I was out at a basketball game and the clock being used to play was 15 minutes off from my Cell Phone time. Weird. I then had a hunch - I tried to change my cell phone carrier on my phone from SMART to GLOBE, only to find that the network sync on the phone was another 7 minutes. The next day, I noticed that the phones at the temporary offices I am working at are another 12 minutes off from the time at SMART. Essentially, none of the clocks that we have were correct - and none of them were on par with any worldwide atomic clock. So, if everyone relies on big companies to tell them what time it is, and every clock is wrong, then how can anyone be faulted? Better yet - how can anyone ever be on time? NO IDEA!? Essentially, small groups of people have to get together and agree on a common time base (e.g.: SMART time or GLOBE time or SUN time, depending on the cell phone used), and then mark off of that time.

In other news, my life hasn't been much to write about recently. I've settled into a nice rhythm that has allowed the time to pass significantly faster than in previous months. As such, I hope that my perception of my remaining time will accelerate and I'll be home sooner. Again - with the time machine!

I've made a few somewhat major changes to my routine and life that I think overall will be positive. The first of which is working out. I always said that I would get into the habit while I was out here, and in the 2nd week of January I made good on that promise. I've started the P90-X program, and I'm now in my third week. No major results yet - I've changed my diet dramatically. My entire goal is to get my abs back. This third week has been especially tough. I know I'm stronger than in previous weeks, as the data I have proves that. I've just felt weaker overall as my body is not used to almost 21 consecutive days working out.

The second is my wardrobe. The major change is my pants. I've never particularly enjoyed wearing jeans, and have all but avoided them for most of my life. Likewise, all of my shirts have been large and oversized to compensate my height for my weight. Well, lots of changes in that department as well. I'm the proud owner of two pairs of jeans, and several new shirts I would have never picked on my own. Thanks to my 'fashion consultant' for bringing me into the 21st century. I figured it was time I'd stop dressing like it was 1999, as I believe that was the last time I really changed my wardrobe. The last 12 years have only been slight permutations of the same general theme.

All of these changes are driven by a deep reflection into my life - finding the things that I have slowly let atrophy over the last 6 years and making corrective changes for the better. I have many more changes yet to make, but I find that these tactical changes are enough to keep me going for now and change my attitude and outlook for the better. It's another one of those "growing up" phases I keep hearing about.

More to come next time. Until that time.... for a while.